We will get in touch again soon. But before that, let the air be clear, world be safe & sky be blue.

Each day is born with a sunrise

and ends in a sunset, the same way we

open our eyes to see the light,

and close them to hear the dark.

We have no control over

how our story begins or ends.

But by now, we should know that

all things have an ending.

Every spark returns to darkness.

Every sound returns to silence.

And every flower returns to sleep

with the earth.

The journey of the sun

and moon is predictable.

But our journey,

is our ultimate


Which means, also Corona has an ending. But we, at Co-Concept, hope that we've all learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt now and come back stronger, better and kinder to each other.

We definitely didn't relax during this hard time. We worked harder than ever before to ensure the best product quality and productivity.

We love to see you soon!

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